Korea Magic Glass Nail Shiner

Helps shines nails, resulting in a smoother and neat, supplier and more charming and natural youthful appearance.

15seconds, 15days, Naturally Shines with POLYFILE.
Just need one step for polishing.
Polish both hands within 10 minutes.
Hygienic tool; the whole family can share it.

Use as a Nail Buffer
• Scrub surface of the nail very smoothly with the glassed side of the Shiner.
• Scrub a rough surface of the nail and then your nail shines.

Use as a Nail File
• Use it as a normal nail file.
• It smoothly trims nail without dust. Does not cause a hangnail after trimming.

How to Wash
• Wash with water when the Shiner does not properly work because of dust from nail. (Toothbrush is recommended)
• After wash, remove the moisture using a tissue or towel.
• Dust on the glassed side of nail shiner can be removed with sticky tape.
• It can be rubbed with eraser.

• Do not twist or bend it.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Handle it carefully.
• Stop using when it broke.
• Wash and dry it after use.
• For filing or polishing nails only

Super LCD Glass
• Semiconductor photo etching tech applied
• micro precision glass surface pattern
• Photo etching tech micro surface will remove bacteria and germs on the nail
• Super Shining Effect
• Long lasting durability

The above are Certificates of Awards, Certification Mark, and Patent for Magic Glass Nail Shiner which imported from Korea.